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I finally watched Tár and loved it.

This isn’t a movie review...I don’t know what I can really add to the conversation, except to say that Todd Field is massively talented—so is Cate Blanchett—and the filmmaking is spectacular.

I remember seeing Field in an obscure indie (he acted, but did not make it) called Broken Vessels at the 1998 Los Angeles Independent Film Festival. I thought, what an interesting actor. You just want to watch him.

Then I saw him in Eyes Wide Shut, and he held his own against Tom Cruise.

Then as a filmmaker, In the Bedroom—what a debut!

Kubrick was one of his mentors, or so it says on Wikipedia, and there’s a touch of the Master in Tár.

I need to spend some time reading the script, which curiously is only 94 pages for a nearly three-hour movie.

I enjoyed going back into the music–academic world, having studied it in college in the 1990s.

Like I said, this isn’t a movie review. Just wanted to post my appreciation!

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Mark So
Mark So
Jun 11, 2023

ha, oh god what a pile of shit -- wuv you Lukas!


Todd Field was a guest on The Movies That Made Me podcast and he had some really interesting insights on Tar and filmmaking in general… worth a listen!

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