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Anybody Have CDs to Sell?

I am being totally serious: I figured out a pretty good system for selling some of my own collection and also, recently, the collection of our late friend, Brent Armstrong.

It’s a lot of work but I’d be interested in doing more of it.

If you have a decent-sized collection you want to sell (let’s say, at least a few hundred), I can do it on consignment.

You’d send them to me, I would do all the organizing and cataloging, and sell via this blog.

If you want to know more, write me and I’ll tell you terms and projections:


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Hi, I have a lot of CDs and I can sell them. I have already transferred everything I wanted to my PC, converting the video using the best dvd ripper for mac. If you need disks, just send me a PM


John Walsh
John Walsh
Nov 06, 2023

I'm wondering if I'm brave enough to do this. I've got about 2000 soundtrack CDs (another thousand rock). 🤔

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