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Cabinet of Caligari Vocalist

Way back in 1999—25 years ago, crazy!—we released a 2CD set of Gerald Fried horror scores: The Return of Dracula, I Bury the Living, The Cabinet of Caligari and Mark of the Vampire.

For Caligari, we also had vocal versions of the theme, “The Sounds of the Night,” but lacked any documentation.

Lo and behold, I just heard from Chris Radcliffe of Liscris Music Productions, who bought a used copy through

“The male vocal on track 23 of disc 2 isn’t Joe Williams but it is in fact my father Jimmy Radcliffe and is only one of the two versions that he did. I’m still not sure who the female vocal is but it could be Leslie Miller.”

I love finding out this stuff—especially after we made a goof! More on Jimmy Radcliffe at wikipedia. Many thanks to Chris for taking the time.

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