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CD Sale: The Calm Before the Storm

We are getting ready for our huge CD sale to launch tomorrow (Tuesday, 11/14/23) at 10AM Pacific (1PM Pacific).

This will consist of 5,700 CDs (and a few hundred LPs)—although there are a lot of duplicates in there—from the Creature Features store inventory, plus around 800 of my CDs (depicted above), 300 CDs remaining from Brent Armstrong’s collection (still a lot of rare Japanese titles in there) and another 250 from two collectors who wanted to throw in.

This will be particularly good for collectors looking for out-of-print La-La Land Records CDs at not-crazy prices.

I’ve tried my best to price everything fairly. There are thousands of titles available for under $20 apiece. Many of those are only $3 or $5—good stuff, too!

So join us tomorrow—first-come, first-served!

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