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CD Sale Thursday Update

You guys are incredible! We have sold over 2,000 CDs in 48 hours.

I am a half a day behind in getting to people’s requests. I meticulously go first-come, first-served. I hate to disappoint people, but inevitably I do...sorry!

By “partially” updated, I mean it omits CDs that have already sold, or are being held pending a sale. (98% of the time, the buyer comes through—another reason I love you guys.)

There are still hundreds if not over a thousand titles that people want but I have not processed the order yet—so if you see something on here and you had it on your order, trust me, I’ll get to it, first-come, first-served.

But NEW ORDERS should definitely use the above list, so you don’t waste time asking for things that have sold.

BTW a few people emailed me just the row number of the excel sheet, without the title. I understand it saves time, but please don’t? I need the title.

Folks, if your email just says “,” I lose track of you. Please consider putting your actual name on your email. Thanks!

The bootlegs are dwindling fast because everybody wants the same ones. Please give me alternate choices, okay?

All right, I’m getting back to work. Thank you for being so patient!

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