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CDs in Stock Part 3

Continuing from yesterday and the day before: CDs that we have in stock at that I am surprised haven’t sold, or otherwise recommend:

E.T.: We have three copies of La-La Land’s first 2CD set version, the 35th Anniversary release, for $35 each.

Elmer Bernstein Unused Scores: We have one copy of this 4CD set from Varèse, with Elmer’s unused scores to Gangs of New York, Journey of Natty Gann and Scarlet Letter. Only $95—the cheapest one on eBay right now is $129.

Enchanted April/Murder on the Orient Express/Lady Caroline Lamb: I remember when Bay Cities sent me a copy of this in the early 1990s—three suites from beautiful Richard Rodney Bennett scores. $25.

There are several Ennio Morricone compilations that I strongly recommend! The DRG ones were the first time I heard many of the Maestro’s most sublime themes. There’s Main Titles, Singles, With Love and more.

Enter the Dragon: The expanded Warner Home Video release from the late 1990s, only $12. OMG how I love this Lalo Schifrin kung fu masterpiece!

Eye of the Devil by Gary McFarland is a gorgeous score to a super-obscure mid-1960s British horror film. One of my favorite bizarre projects at FSM, only $12.

I loved the Varèse Sarabande Fahrenheit 451 recording when it came out. We have two copies of it, for $8 apiece. We also have one copy of the Tribute Film Classics recording, which also has Herrmann’s Twilight Zone score for “Walking Distance,” $25.

Another FSM title: Farewell, My Lovely/Monkey Shines, by David Shire. I was so happy with this when we released it. This one is hard to get, $35.

The Final Countdown is a corking good John Scott WWII action-thriller score. We already sold the JOS copy we have; we still have one of the Tarantula Records edition, for $18.

Flesh + Blood: We have one copy of the expanded Intrada edition of Basil Poledouris’ first score for Paul Verhoeven, $35. Did you know the film was first offered to James Horner? Horner watched it and said it was repugnant and no way. Different strokes!

We have one copy of the hard-to-find The Fly/Fly II (remake versions) by Howard Shore and Christopher Young, respectively, that Varèse released in recent years, $45.

Frantic: I love love love this Harrison Ford/Roman Polanski film. Polanski is the absolute master of suspense. I love it so much I released the expanded Morricone score on FSM! Very hard to find now, we have one copy for $35.

We have one copy of a “three-pack” that Varèse released of their re-recordings of Franz Waxman’s scores to Rebecca, Sunset Blvd. and Peyton Place. I didn’t even know they did this, but they took their three releases and put a new slipcase on them, it’s a nice package. We have one copy for $45.

We have one copy of the FSM version of The French Connection/French Connection II. They didn’t quite fit on one disc so I had to leave off a few pieces from the latter, which I was glad that La-La Land included on their mult-disc release in recent years. Both editions are long out of print. We have the FSM for $18.

Frenzy: I was so happy when Quartet released this latter-day Hitchcock film score. I don’t really care for the Ron Goodwin score that Hitch used, but the rejected Henry Mancini score is moody wonderfulness. We have one copy for $25.

Finally, to conclude the Fs, we have one copy of the La-La Land Records 2CD version of The Fury by John Williams, for $45. It’s three times that on eBay right now! So, you know, you can buy ours and triple your money...

More tomorrow, thanks!

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