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CDs in Stock Part 4

Continuing my personal rundown of CDs in stock at that I’m surprised we still have, or otherwise recommend:

The Gauntlet: Jerry Fielding’s jazzy action score for Clint Eastwood. We have the Perseverance edition for $35. So well informed by the jazz classics, with fantastic solos!

Grand Prix: We have two copies of the expanded Grand Prix by Maurice Jarre we did at FSM. Each is listed at $45.

A Guide for the Married Man: This was one of our earliest FSM releases, of a super fun “Johnny” Williams comedy score at Fox. We have one copy for $45.

Heaven Can Wait/Racing With the Moon: Heaven Can Wait is SO GOOD! Prime Grusin. We have one copy of the Kritzerland for $45.

Heavy Metal: The Score: We have one copy of the complete Heavy Metal by Elmer Bernstein we did at FSM, $35.

The Hellstrom Chronicle: We have one copy of the ultra-weird Lalo Schifrin score to “the bug movie” from the early 1970s, from his Aleph label. Only $8.

Highlander: Final Dimension: How is it possible we still don’t have a proper release of the Kamen/Queen Highlander soundtrack? Well, rights issues, I understand. But there was a decent suite of the Kamen score on this compilation from the first three Highlander films. Only $5.

Holly vs. Hollywood: Doug Fake of Intrada is not only responsible for hundreds of our favorite film score CDs—he’s also a real composer! This is his charming comedy score from the 1990s which I always enjoyed. We have two copies for $10 each, and one with some schmutz on the top of the disc (but not the bottom) for only $3.

Home Alone: We have one copy of the first, long out-of-print La-La Land edition (#1158, 1CD) of Home Alone by John Williams, for $45. We also have two copies of the original CBS release from the time of the film, for $12 apiece.

I.Q./Seconds: We have one copy of the La-La Land release of these Goldsmith scores, which frankly don’t go together at all, except they are both Paramount films! $15

Il Mio Nome E'Nessuno (My Name Is Nobody): We have one copy of the SLC (Japan) edition of this classic Morricone western, $35.

Inchon: We have one copy of the 3CD edition of Goldsmith’s Korean War score from Intrada, for $45. And I’ll be honest—I can’t keep track of all the Inchon editions. This one is ISC 452.

The Invaders: We have two copies of the 2CD La-La Land edition of this classic Dominic Frontiere sci-fi TV score, which is now out of print. $30 each.

Back with more tomorrow. Thanks!

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