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CDs in Stock Part 9

Okay, where were we? We were at the S titles—more cool stuff in stock at

Scaramouche was one of the more popular Golden Age albums we released at FSM. It’s a 1952 swashbuckler by Victor Young.

There are so few Gil Mellé albums available from his huge output, mostly in television, that any of them are worth mentioning. We have the La-La Land album of The Sentinel for $18 sealed, or $15 used.

Shattered is an early 1990s suspense thriller by Silvestri with his youthful orchestral flair. We have the Intrada expanded album (still in print) for $18.

We have one copy of the expanded Quartet Silence of the Lambs for $20.

This one can be hard to find at any reasonable price: the expanded La-La Land Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow by Ed Shearmur. $65

I’ll be honest: I don’t know why Snow Dogs by John Debney (a 2002 agency promo) is so expensive. There are no listings at eBay right now, one at Discogs for $299 (!), and none at Amazon. Ours is priced at $125.

We the out-of-print Intrada Solar Crisis by Maurice Jarre for $35.

We have three copies of the FSM Some Came Running, a seminal Bernstein dramatic score for the Sinatra film. One sealed for $18, and two used at $15 each.

We have the 2CD Alfred Newman Song of Bernadette from Varèse Sarabande for $18.

We have the Michael J. Lewis promo of Sphinx for $35.

We have two copies of the FSM Quincy Jones 1960s crime score, The Split, for $12. If you like the jazzy 1960s Schifrin style, this will be up your alley!

The La-La Land Star Trek: The Motion Picture 2CD set reissue is still in stock from the label at $30. We have two sealed copies and one used one, all priced at $25. A must!

Star Wars fans: we have the Rise of Skywalker Disney CD from Japan—same track list, but different packaging (in Japanese), $18.

I find the main theme to Sondheim’s Stavisky beguiling; we have one copy of the Quartet expansion for $18.

We have one copy of the 2CD set of The Streets of San Francisco from La-La Land, $25. Great jazzy crime TV scoring by Pat Williams!

Early Goldsmith: two copies of the FSM The Stripper/Nick Quarry, each $8.

One of my favorite FSM projects that, just by the nature of the film, didn’t get much love is The Subterraneans. The film was a pathetically lame attempt to dramatize the beatnik movement by M-G-M in 1960, but it had a fantastic and very authentic jazz score by André Previn, with symphonic flourishes. We have three copies, each is only $8.

Sunset is a terrific late 1980s Mancini score, very symphonic. We have one copy of the Quartet CD for $45.

We have two copies of the Super 8 Varèse Sarabande CD by Michael Giacchino, for the J.J. Abrams film. $45.

Here’s one that’s hard to find: the FSM CD of The Swimmer, expanded, Marvin Hamlisch’s first score, and one my favorite projects. Only $35 each.

Back tomorrow with the T titles!

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Robert Knaus
Robert Knaus
13 thg 5

The Split is a superb score, and the in-depth liner notes inspired me to start reading the (excellent) "Parker" novels by Richard Stark.


caul harry
caul harry
12 thg 5

I bought and love Previn's Subterraneans! Thanks for introducing meto Previn, a composer I honestly may have missed, save for FSM. Fastest Gun in the West is a big fave.

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