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That lunar eclipse was pretty cool.

I remember a solar eclipse, I think in 1996 (I was at college) which brought a veil of darkness onto campus in midday. That was pretty interesting.

I also remember an A-Team episode where they hypnotize B.A. (Mr. T) to get him onto a plane (“You ain’t gettin’ me on no plane, fool!”) and the trigger word was “eclipse.” Then they’re in a firefight and Faceman runs out of ammo and yells at him, “clips, gimme clips!” and B.A. thinks he heard “eclipse” and passes out.

And that’s the kind of quality you’ve come to expect from this blog!

When I started this personal site late last summer, I really didn’t have any kind of a plan except to populate the blog with some memories, opinions and funny stories.

I didn’t even set out to do daily updates, but a few times a week I felt like I had something to say...and the rest of the time, I could just throw up a fun YouTube link.

I mean, you could watch YouTube forever:

We’ll be taking our first vacation in almost three years in June, so I’ll almost certainly take a break from blogging then.

In the meantime, I have a few more stories to tell and TV shows to muse about. I keep a scratch list of them, and whittle it down every week.

Thanks for reading!

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May 16, 2022

Enjoy your vacation in June. For the moon eclipse, Jane and I watched it as the shadow covered the edge. She wanted to wait for the second edge to show but after about ten minutes we went back inside. We were lucky not to have any clouds.

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