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Coming This Week

So a few things going on this week...

I know we’re sitting on some orders that we meant to ship last week but our team member who handles the mailing had car trouble. He’ll be in tomorrow and we’ll get these shipped! Thank you for your patience.

On Monday or Tuesday we’ll be announcing a new company I am involved with that has nothing to do with movie music—but it does have to do with collectibles and movies. I look forward to sharing the exciting news at last!

Back to the store: we are going ahead and creating inventory listings for all the DVDs we have here from Tim Knapp’s collection, to sell them through

This is probably going to be a short-term offering only—we need to clear space for over a thousand film music CDs coming in from a handful of collectors.

We also have some more books to list, but those are so heavy that I need to figure out the pricing so we don’t lose money on postage. Our website works very well now, but I don’t have a lot of control to alter the shipping rates.

Thanks everybody and stand by!

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