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Creature Features CD Sale Coming Friday 3/3/23

Mark your calendars!

If you’ve been following my selling of my CD collection, you know that Creature Features has been kindly handling the storage and fulfillment. They’re the best!

For the unaware: Taylor White’s Creature Features has been at the forefront of publishing and CD production for several decades. Go here for their eBay store.

Long story short: I am returning the favor by helping them organize and sell their own CD inventory, which has some truly outstanding, rare and out-of-print gems from over 30 years in business.

Their sale will commence with the posting of the list of available items this coming Friday, March 3, 2023, at 12PM Pacific time (3PM Eastern).

As with my own collection, I’ll be handling the sales and correspondence—you’ll just be sending the PayPal or Venmo to Creature Features, not to me. Details to come!

See you then!

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