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This is me way back in 2008. When my kids see pics like this, they say, “Your hair was so dark!”

This is NOT me:

That’s a picture of some random Phillies fan that my old baseball buddies saw on TV, thought it looked like me (it does), and sent it to me.

I had to rub my eyes, the resemblance was uncanny.

Similarly, this is our dear friend Jeff Bond, in one of his Star Trek fan film appearances as Dr. McCoy:

And this is U.S. soccer star Alexi Lalas, who is now broadcasting the World Cup—as I saw on TV yesterday and had to snap a pic:

I don’t seek these things out, but when I come across them, I think they’re funny!

That’s all—sorry this is so dumb!

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Every time I see Charlie (Daredevil) Cox, I think you should get him to star in FSM: The Motion Picture. I had a good run in the aughts thrilling locals at the SF Symphony who mistook me for John (Doctor Atomic) Adams. Dopplegangers are fun!

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