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Dumb Screenwriting Tweet

I saw the above tweet on a Facebook group about screenwriting. It led to a pile-on of comments about how dumb executives are, horror stories about bad notes, etc.

It made me feel very alone because I saw this and had the opposite opinion. I thought it was a classic case of writers being narrow-minded and defensive.

Yes, of course, there are dumb executives with bad suggestions. So what? Like that’s news?

And if somebody said they had no notes, but basically lied and wanted to change everything—that’s super disingenuous.

But if anybody said “Hear me out” to me, of course I would hear them out. Maybe their suggestion, however weird or off-the-cuff, might unlock something great?

Anybody who has every made something real, or developed something through multiple drafts into a viable project, knows how many twists and turns the process can take.

You can’t close yourself off from reimagining a project.

So if amateur writers on Facebook want to laugh along with this, go ahead—but the joke is on you.

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1 Comment

I know that so many movies had been written one way and someone comes in changes it i'm sure, there had many like this

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