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FSM at the Academy

UPDATE ON MY CD SALE: It continues! Here’s what’s left. Please refer to the day-one column for ordering instructions. P.S. I will soon make a new list, removing the SOLD items—stay tuned.

So, “FSM at the Academy.” We certainly didn’t get an award! But last decade, when I was boxing up the FSM office, I called our friend Warren Sherk at the Motion Picture Academy, to see if anything from our CD production files might be of interest for their archive. Otherwise, I was going to scan everything and shred it, for space reasons (which I did).

He went through the boxes, and took what he wanted—mostly things like cue sheets, music timing sheets, things from the studios that we were allowed to xerox (most often from Warner Bros.) from the production of the films, to help us make the CDs.

Now, he has kindly informed me that there’s actually a finding aid of “Film Score Monthly Records.” (Go here for the advanced search.)

So I thought that was cool!

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