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FSM CD Auctions at eBay

Our auction of rare, out-of-print FSM CDs is continuing at eBay: HERE IS THE LINK, ESPECIALLY FOR BRUCE KIMMEL, WHO COULD NOT FIND THE LINK.

Good news! We are eliminating all the “reserve bids.” Those are the hidden “floor” amounts eBay allows that people use to make sure they don’t undersell their stuff.

The truth is we didn’t know how to price we picked reserve bids that were probably too high. Well, they’re gone now!

I just want to get this done—and get these CDs to collectors who will appreciate them. (More on what we’re doing here.)

But that link is not the link to eBay. This is the link to eBay!!!

Many, many titles still have no bids on them! You can get them for pretty much the original retail price of $20.

Auctions end Wednesday night. Please bid!

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