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Happy Birthday, Maestros

One of the coincidences you learn as a die-hard film score fan is that John Williams and Jerry Goldsmith have birthdays the same week in February, although they were born three years apart: Jerry on February 10, 1929, John on February 8, 1932.

The above pic features them together at one of the Society for the Preservation of Film Music awards dinners in the early 1990s, I think—and it might have even come from FSM.

But sadly I can’t find the original, and I can’t remember the photographer’s name. It might have been Eric Neill or James Carrocino, who kindly shared so many pix from these events.

And that’s Lalo Schifrin over John’s right shoulder.

So happy birthday to Jerry, who would have been 94 today—and happy 91st to John Williams, on Wednesday, still going strong!

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