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Happy Black Friday—Get Your Shots!

Here I am on Wednesday after my Covid booster shot. I got a flu shot in the other arm at the same time. They gave me the cool red Walgreens band-aids.

Fortunately I have not had more than a sore arm from any of the vaccination shots. My wife had had her ass kicked by the Moderna shots; I got Pfizer.

This comes as there is news of a terrifying new variant detected in South Africa. Good grief, we can’t possibly have to do this all over again...can we?

This is my blog, so it is my prerogative to say I am for vaccinations, and science, and if everybody would just chill and get the goddamn shots, we could go back to our lives.

But I do know people—friends—who don’t want to get the shot. And there’s pretty much nothing that can be said or done to convince them.

It sure would be embarrassing if we all discover in twenty years that these mRNA vaccines cause worldwide sterility, for example, and all of a sudden we’re in Children of Men.

But seriously—it would be terrible if an asteroid hit us tomorrow. I can’t prove it won’t happen...but I feel pretty good about our chances.

The mRNA vaccines are new, true, and they have been rolled out faster than any vaccine in history—but they are safe.

If there is a sliver of possible complications, and unknown consequences—it’s far less than something that truly is NOT safe...

You know what that something is...? COVID!

I will delete any anti-vax comments.

It sure would be terrible if my pro-vax position reduces my readership. I have TENS of daily readers!

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