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HBOMax’s Future: What a Pisser

Some 200 movies are departing HBOMax in April—ahead of its merger with Warner Bros.’ Discovery streaming service.

I read that the plan was to make the streaming service even bigger by combining the platforms. My five seconds of optimism were erased when I learned that this was to load up the new platform (likely to be called just “MAX”) with a ton of reality garbage.

I mean, farewell Citizen Kane (literally); hello, Who the (Bleep) Did I Marry?

Unlike a lot of fans, I am not particularly attached to physical media. I love the convenience of streaming.

But this whole thing looks like a con. The promise of having thousands of great movies at your fingertips...well, I guess it’s still the case, via iTunes and Amazon, but you just have to pay for them as a rental.

It’s a shame because HBOMax, with their TCM “hub,” was the one service (to which we subscribe) that was curated with real taste.

But it seems to be a bad time for all the platforms—speaking not just as a potential filmmaker and producer, but a consumer, as they double down on mass-market drivel.

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