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Hi Joe!

I say “Hi Joe!” to my friend Joe Sikoryak, who designed all of our CDs and pretty much everything I worked on from 1997 until, well—anything he’s still available to do!

I found the above from 1996, when Joe begged me to let him fix the terrible homemade design of the early FSM issues. Best decision I ever made!

Joe has been publishing his memoirs and other creative projects via his personal site and I’m really enjoying them. Not only because I know Joe and I appreciate learning the details of his life, but because, as a fan, I get a look at how somebody a little older than me experienced my favorite films and scores of the 1970s and ’80s.

Here are two columns recently that I especially liked, about discovering film music on the radio, and discovering Intrada’s old store in San Francisco, both from the late 1980s.

Keep it up!

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Hi backatcha Lukas! I’ll return the favor in a few weeks when my memoir gets to our fateful meeting…

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