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Huge Estate CD Sale September 19 at 10AM Pacific

Mark your calendars for Tuesday, September 19, at 10AM Pacific time for a huge CD sale from the estate of one of our most passionate supporters, Brent Armstrong.

Brent was a successful sculptor, makeup and effects artist who I remember as far back as the 1990s as a big-time film music collector and loyal FSM subscriber. He bought pretty much everything, and with great passion and enthusiasm.

Here’s a bit more about him from a newsgroup.

We have cataloged over 4,000 CDs, and the goal is to find them new homes to support Brent’s family.

This will be particularly useful to collectors in two areas:

1) Brent had just about all of the big-time box sets and rare collectables that you see priced for crazy money on eBay. We are pricing these well below the cuckoo eBay prices—and it’s first-come, first-served.

2) Brent had a massive collection of Golden Age, Japanese and Italian CDs that are not particularly rare—but if you tried to go out and buy them, it would be expensive and a hassle. We are pricing these to move—with around half of the collection at $10 or under.

So if you’ve been meaning to branch out, and sample any number of these classic Golden Age and international composers, this will be a great opportunity.

I’ll be using the same rules and set-up as I did earlier this year for my own collection: for U.S. orders, free shipping over $50. (In case you’ve been wondering, what’s left of my CDs are back in storage and I’m not selling them at this time.)

So that’s the news! Please mark your calendars and feel free to get the word out.


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