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What is Kinolime? The latest startup promising to promote or produce your screenplay.

I saw their promotion and thought, hey, that might be cool—if they know what they’re doing.

They do not know what they are doing.

I signed up, logged in, and checked out the screenplays that had so far been uploaded.

As always, no offense to the writers...but it’s a bunch of amateur work.

But what’s worse is there’s no real way to sort or filter it. You have to go two screens in even to read the logline for each script.

You can tell the interface is not working because there are several dozen scripts uploaded and the public metrics of who has liked or shared anything is all ZEROES.

I have spent over THIRTY YEARS making a magazine, website, CDs, etc. Getting into the consumer/reader/viewer’s mind and figuring out, what do I want to know, and when do I want to know it? That’s all second-nature to me.

None of that is implemented here.

So it’s basically another “coverage site” (they’ll review your script for hundreds of dollars) and please, please do not give them your money.


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