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Logan’s Run Playlist Counts

The other day I had a little melodic fragment stuck in my head—but I couldn’t remember what it was from. This seems to be happening to me more often as I age—it’s annoying!

Turns out it was from Jarre’s Enemy Mine (such relief when you place it!). But for a moment I thought it might have been from the outdoor sequence of Goldsmith’s Logan’s Run. I was out of the office so I pulled up a YouTube file to check.

Watertower Music (the Warner Bros. in-house label) has released two versions of Logan’s Run digitally: the original LP and our deluxe FSM CD master.

I love this score and I was proud of our CD, so this made me happy.

For some reason it’s not on Watertower’s YouTube page, but of course everything’s on YouTube one way or another:

What I learned is that by checking each track of the playlist, you can learn how popular different selections are. I’ll do it for you on Logan’s Run, playlist counts as of 4/29/22:

  1. The Dome/The City/Nursery - 7,842

  2. Flameout - 10,604

  3. Fatal Games - 4.320

  4. On the Circuit - 2,678

  5. The Assignment/Lost Years - 2,822

  6. She’ll Do It/Let Me Help - 1,835

  7. Crazy Ideas - 1,797

  8. A Little Muscle - 1,552

  9. Terminated in Cathedral - 1,593

  10. Intensive Care - 1,568

  11. Love Shop - 2,486

  12. They’re Watching/Doc Is Dead - 1,263

  13. The Key/Box - 1,485

  14. Ice Sculpture - 1,469

  15. The Sun - 1,522

  16. The Monument - 2,213

  17. The Truth - 1,206

  18. You’re Renewed - 1,812

  19. The Journey Back/The Beach - 1,027

  20. Return to the City/Apprehensions - 1,125

  21. The Interrogation - 1,405

  22. End of the City - 2,922

  23. Love Theme From Logan’s Run - 2,598

No surprise, the counts are front-loaded—but the second track is more popular than the first.

I would chalk this up to “Flameout” being of interest not just to soundtrack fans, and Logan’s Run fans, but electronica music buffs and DJs into those ’70s synths.

Other than that, interesting to see how people go to the big action track, “You’re Renewed,” and then turn it off.

I’m sure you can do this for countless soundtrack albums, and it’s kind of interesting to see.

Have a great weekend everybody—renew!

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