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More CDs Monday

Be here Monday morning at 10AM Pacific time as we go live with the next batch of used soundtrack CDs for sale at We have around 1,400 titles to add, including some hard-to-find collector’s editions: Varèse CD Club, Intrada, Quartet, La-La Land, FSM, etc.

In the meantime, I have unfortunately had to take a self-directed crash course in the world of—and wow, what a pain in the butt.

So apparently there are these web security companies all over the world who police websites for malware and security risks—which is a good thing. is a website that aggregates their reports (above).

Unfortunately, they can often get it wrong, flagging a perfectly legit site (like ours!) with a “false positive.” And then ISPs (internet service providers) prevent users from visiting them.

So this happened to us and it has prevented a lot of collectors from visiting in recent weeks.

I have finally reached out to all the half-dozen companies that flagged us to get them to recheck and “whitelist” us, which is now complete.

However, it’s possible that some ISPs are still blocking us, because they haven’t updated their info.

If you are unable to view, I would need you to reach out to your ISP to ask them to whitelist us. (I can’t do it, because I’m not their customer—you are.)

It’s so annoying, and I apologize for the inconvenience. But I appreciate everybody’s help.

So that’s it, and we’ll see you Monday with the new listings. Thanks!

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L....yeh mate. Having problems accessing....

Any other way to see the list at all if it doesn't work?

Replying to

I'll post a spreadsheet but I want to get this resolved for you. Please email me at and show me the error message? Thanks!


I used a VPN last time. And it worked.

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