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My CD Sale List

UPDATE: Thanks for your orders! I am doing this manually and working out the best system to reserve people’s requests, ask for their shipping info, calculating total, etc. Please be patient. REST ASSURED, the first thing I am doing is HOLDING the items for the first person who requests it! So even if I don’t respond immediately, you will get what you asked for, if it’s available!

The list of my CDs for sale via web page, sorted high–low by value.

The list of CDs for sale, downloadable excel file, sorted high–low by value. THIS IS A SEARCHABLE, SORTABLE SPREADSHEET.

PDFs of the collection, sorted by title, composer, label or asking price.


IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT CONDITION: Only a handful of CDs are still sealed, and are so noted. The rest are opened/used. I do not have the time or sophistication to grade everything. Generally, I was pretty obsessive about keeping things in pristine condition—but cracked cases happen to everybody. When something was obviously punched/notched, I noted it.


For U.S.A. customers ONLY—if you order $50 or more, SHIPPING IS FREE!

I regret I can’t extend this to anybody outside the U.S. These rates today are insane, as we all know and have complained.

USA, orders under $50: $6.40 for the first CD (album) and $2.00 for each additional.

CANADA: $10.00 for the first CD (album) and $2.50 for each additional.

ALL OTHER COUNTRIES: $13.00 for first CD (album) and $3.00 for each additional.

For bulky, oversize, non-standard items—and/or very large orders—we’ll work out a custom shipping price.

To order (starting NOW), please:

1) Send me an email with what you want:

2) I’ll confirm availability and total with postage.

3) You PayPal ( or Venmo (@Lukas-Kendall) me the money. (If you don’t have either of these, or they’re not legal in your country, we’ll work it out somehow.)

4) I’ll send the items.

5) FYI I will hold the items long enough for the above steps to be reasonably completed. I do understand that people have to back out of purchases sometimes for good reasons...but please, don’t ask for a bunch of stuff just to get “dibs” on them, then renege. That just happened with SAE’s sale of some old FSM CDs, and it’s really a drag.

Shipping is being handled by Creature Features. But I am doing all sales. Please do not bug them! (But keep in mind the CDs are physically on site with them, so if you need me to check something, I have to ask them, and it won’t be instantaneous.)

All right, I’m hitting “publish” and hoping this works out! I will do everything I can to help you folks—please go easy on me!

I will update everybody tomorrow, or perhaps later today, to clarify any issues or update the list with still-available items.


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