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New CD Sale Coming Soon

I didn’t expect to any further CD sales. But right before New Year’s Eve, I was contacted by a longtime FSM subscriber and collector who told me the sad news that his close friend had died after a short illness, and his daughter was beside herself trying to figure out what to do with his enormous CD collection.

The collector was Tim Knapp, whose name I recognized from the FSM subscriber rolls all those years ago. The fact he died from pancreatic cancer really hit home, as that is how my family lost my stepdad in 2008.

So, we’re doing this! I picked up the collection and we are just finishing up cataloging it (we being my team from the previous CD sales).

We’ll be doing this sale from my home—which, to be honest, is a little distracting, but the Creature Features warehouse (and inventory) is no longer available. And this time we’re building a rudimentary e-commerce website because doing those last two sales via email exchanges almost broke me.

It’s a great collection. You can plan on oodles of high-end, hard-to-find out-of-print CDs being available at prices well below the insane asks on eBay—as well as thousands of quality titles for under $10, and many under $5. There’s also a lot of pop, jazz and classical.

We have to get the e-commerce site finished and tested, so plan on this in 2–4 weeks time. I will keep you posted, and also tell you more about Tim.

I can’t tell you, meeting his daughter Lindsay, how much it meant to her that her dad’s beloved CDs made their way to folks who would appreciate them, as he did.

Stay tuned!

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Very sorry to hear about Tim


Tragic about the circumstances though. Again, screw cancer.


hoping I can get on this collection the ebay prices are nuts

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