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Next Huge CD Sale November 14th

Mark your calendars! We are going live with another HUGE CD sale Tuesday, November 14, 2023, at 10AM Pacific time (1PM Eastern). Same general principles as last time.

This will contain the remaining inventory from the Brent Armstrong collection, my own personal collection, the Creature Features store inventory, and hundreds of items from a couple of other collectors—including titles not listed before, and new, LOWER PRICES than when we listed most of this stuff earlier this year.

Everything must go!

Among the new listings will be Brent Armstrong’s collection of CDs autographed by composers, filmmakers and talent (which we didn’t have time to process before).

We are also going to be offering as FREE BONUS ITEMS another giant tranche of, ugh, sorry to say, bootlegs—just to get rid of them. I’m not proud, but they gotta go.

So stay tuned in the next week as I’ll provide updates on the new offering—or just mark your calendars for a week from today.

If last time is any indication, the real “hot” titles go fast—like within an hour of the list going live. So please plan accordingly.

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