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Oscars 2024

Like a lot of people I watched the Oscars last night and I enjoyed them, relatively speaking.

It’s been a long time since I had a lot of passionate opinions about the winners. There’s so much luck involved: not only of timing, and career trajectories, but of who the studios choose to back in their marketing campaigns. The only interesting thing is that sometimes the winners reveal who and what people actually liked, as opposed to they were expected/pressured to vote for.

I didn’t even realize the show started at 4pm now (L.A. time) until I tuned in to see when it was started—and there it was. After years of increasing panic that the show was running too long, and all sorts of odd innovations undertaken to try to speed it up—culminating in the hugely unpopular choice to take some categories off the live telecast—they’ve finally just given in and said, “It takes as long as it takes.” And that’s probably for the best.

Then again, I recorded it and watched it on delay, so I could skip through the ads and boring parts.

I do want to compliment Rickey Minor as music director and his choices of interstitial pieces. I heard “Anatomy of a Murder” in there—that’s how you do it!

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I watch a bit thought it was really good as well Ryan Gosling did good, wasn't expecting that. Godzilla Minus one and The Boy and the Heron winning was a Suprise, Steven Spielberg participated great as well

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