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Quartet Records Xmas Releases

Congrats to José Benitez and his team at Quartet Records for a strong foursome of final CD releases for 2022! I didn’t know about these, so I’m just as delighted and surprised as most soundtrack collectors today.

The Magnificent Seven Collection—Elmer Bernstein’s music for the franchise (4CDs).

Frenzy—late Hitchcock, with the Ron Goodwin score and unused Henry Mancini score.

Mary, Queen of Scots—the stereo John Barry album and mono film cues.

The Sicilian Clan—the classic Ennio Morricone score, with bonus tracks.

Please see the descriptions and track lists at the Quartet site.

They very nicely gave me (and FSM) a credit for using our master for Guns of the Magnificent Seven, though they didn’t really have to.

I’m especially excited to hear the rejected Mancini score for Frenzy. I actually have had a CDR of this for some time. My late friend Jeff Cava, who worked at Universal and Paramount, had it transferred, and when he passed away, his sister gave me some of his materials to return to the studios (which I did).

Jeff loved this era of 1970s mystery-suspense scoring, so I’m sure he would have loved this.

It’s harder and harder for labels to release the great “Silver Age” material that so many of us grew up on, for all the usual reasons (smaller audience, higher costs, fewer great titles left to release).

So congrats to Quartet for this very strong...quartet!

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