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Scott Saslow Art

Scott Saslow is a terrific graphic designer who followed Film Score Monthly for years as a passionate soundtrack collector.

When I was making my short film, Sky Fighter, he very kindly reached out and volunteered to create graphics for the production design (a la one of our mutual heroes, Mike Okuda on Star Trek).

We worked on them a bit and ended up with a really neat set of decals, like this one:

He also created patches for the costumes:

It’s the nature of the beast that this stuff is mostly subliminal in the film—but it is there, and greatly adds to the all-important verisimilitude:

When the film was completed—turns out Scott is also a terrific poster designer! His website has a fascinating collection of “alt posters” to familiar movies, which are terrific. (The Star Trek II poster atop this column is but one example.) Seriously, you should browse them.

And here’s his one-sheet for Sky Fighter (featuring the title design by Joe Sikoryak, who did art direction for all of the FSM CDs):

We went all early 1980s blue on this project—at my request!

What happened after that was fairly predictable...every few months, I needed a bunch of additional and alternate poster images to satisfy a handful of distribution requests.

And each time I was like, “Scott, sorry to bother you, but could you possibly generate the poster at these specs...”

And each time, he did!

It just happened again, this morning, so I thought...what I could I do as a thank you? Well, I could plug him on my blog!

It’s great work—and he’s great to work with!

Scott, thanks for everything!

Thanks folks! And Scott!

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