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Star Trek V Opening Music

I remember seeing Star Trek V: The Final Frontier on opening night in Edgartown with my friend Jonah Walker. I’ll try to keep things positive: the opening scene was cool!

When we did the expanded Star Trek V CD, we were surprised to learn that Jerry Goldsmith had scored the first appearance of Sybok on horseback.

What I didn’t know is that the first two cues were meant to play continuously—if this YouTube video is accurate (it seems to be):

Interesting to see after all these years how it would have worked! But I do like the unscored presentation in the finished film.

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3 commentaires

DOWN WITH LOGO PLASTERING. Paramount you don't need to follow Warner Bros. into the trap of sticking your current logo onto every one of your library at any given moment... oh the music. I'm good either way. (I'd take "Star Trek V: The Final Frontier" over ANY TNG movie not called "Star Trek: First Contact".)


I'm absolutely gaga for this score, but I also prefer the nonscored opening -- up to the mild meld where those unmistakable Goldsmith harmonics wash over you. Sigh... Some days I feel like the only person who likes this film despite it's obvious flaws.

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Welcome to my world, Jordan. I feel like that, too!

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