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Star Wars Battle of Yavin

The Dominic Sewell Music YouTube channel is almost through with a complete analysis of the original score to Star Wars. (He has also done The Empire Strikes Back.)

The big Battle of Yavin attack music:

I could spend a week studying this John Williams score and not understand a quarter of it. I mean, it all looks so clear to study when it’s laid out like this...but the level of skill and dexterity Williams had to create it is dazzling.

Just harmonically—the hybrid scales—and the rhythmic complexity, but making it all seem so effortless and tuneful.

What you learn when you study this stuff is if you change just one note, it’ll sound like crap. So how Williams was able to put it together with the perfect amount of dissonance, and forward movement, and elegance—HOW?!?

The reality is that any trained composer could use the same elements and come up with some kind of space battle music. And there have been many space battles that were really well scored. But none of them have quite this level of artistry and perfection.


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Not sure how I’ve missed this guy but that’s the next 6months gone ! Thanks Lukas!!

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