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The End Is Coming—Of Our CD Sale

Thanks to everybody who has made our CD sale—both the current one and the one in September–October of Brent Armstrong’s collection—such a success.

It’s been challenging to process all the orders manually, but we’ve managed to do it. And you guys have been super cool and patient—thank you!

Alas, all good things come to an end...and the end of our CD sale is coming sooner rather than later.

This is because we’re losing access to our warehouse space at Creature Features, and we need to wrap this up probably by early next week.

I will post an exact deadline for last-second orders in a day or two.

But why wait? Please check the list and let me know if you want anything!

After early next week, anything we have left I suppose will go back into storage, or maybe offered outright to another dealer, for them to process and re-price as appropriate.

So let’s keep going. Thanks!

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