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Two Kickstarters

There are currently two film music-related Kickstarters funding. I’m sure most people know about them.

This is halfway funded and, per a site called Backerkit that monitors these things and projects their outcome, looks like it should make it.

There is also a campaign by Perseverance Records to fund a recording of early James Horner music (The Hand, The Dresser, concert works), which I would love to hear...but looks like it will fall well short.

These campaigns are hard work. I did one some years ago, for my sci-fi short film. There seems to be a certain ballpark of interest for film music subjects, and you have to stay within that.

I have known of people in the past who, faced with an underperforming Kickstarter, basically recruited private investment and ran it through the campaign. (If you do that, which I would think is against the rules but unenforceable, you lose 8% on the private money—to the platform and credit card fees—but can recover whatever fan money was put into the campaign.)

So, like a lot of things, it’s a world with a lot of potential, but subject to misuse. The promoters see free money and it’s just not.

I hope everything works out and fans get what they paid for!

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