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What Is Madame Web?

No, I’m not actually asking. I gather that Madame Web is a Spider-Man-universe character who is now the star of a movie from Sony.

This movie is 13% at Rotten Tomatoes. That is really hard to do. Just “average bad” will get you into the 30s. But 13% basically means eight of nine critics state outright, “This sucks.” And the ninth is usually like, “It’s terrible but I had fun anyway.”

As movie and comic geeks know, Sony is in the peculiar situation of having the cinematic rights to the Spider-Man comics—but because they licensed Spider-Man himself back to Marvel, then can only do the various supporting characters who fought with or against Spidey over the years.

Whatever the case, this has resulted in a movie called Madame Web being released this weekend, which nobody likes (though some people are trying), and which I, a lifelong Marvel fan, is lazily mocking on my blog.

When I have a general meeting with Sony three years from now and they mention this blog column, the joke will be on me!

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It's horrendously bad, but at least FUN bad due to the mountain of inexplicable elements in it.


Thanks for the link to the review written by the person who is trying to like the film. Now I know who the character in the pseudo Miles Morales costume is, and I have confirmation that this film does indeed take place in the past. Not that I had any interest in seeing this film in the first place but, it's good to know these things.

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