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Usually when I go to a filmmaker's site—or even some legit companies—it's obvious it hasn't been updated in years. I always think, okay, they're either so busy and successful they don't need to update their website, good for them! Or, they are such losers they gave up. Which will I be?!?

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SKY FIGHTER (Sci-Fi Short Film)

January 2020

I wrote and directed this proof-of-concept for a feature (which I'd love to make!). It was pretty humbling spending a year and way too much of my own money (on top of the $31K I crowdsourced) to make 15 minutes. A very grateful shout-out to cast and crew for a rewarding experience! I am happy with it and it has performed well at DUST (Gunpowder & Sky's sci-fi shorts channel). I think I'm a good director...never took one lesson!


LUCKY BASTARD (insane NC-17 indie film)

February 2014

Lucky Bastard is the world's first, and only, NC-17 micro-budget indie thriller about a porn shoot gone horribly wrong. Seriously, this movie exists, and we made it. I EP'd and co-wrote with my friend and director, Robert Nathan. Let it be noted: We are afraid of nothing! You can watch the full film at Vimeo (password: ashleysaintxxx). For more, see the Facebook page. Also my essay about how stupid the NC-17 rating is.


Film Score Monthly (CD Label)


I had the great thrill for almost 20 years of being the owner-operator of a boutique CD label dedicated to one of my passions: film and TV scores! (I LOVE quixotic, obsessive projects.) We released 250 albums in all, and I have since been involved with another couple of hundred of albums as a producer and consultant for other labels. Check out our catalog; remaining stock distributed by Screen Archives Entertainment.




Film Score Monthly is a magazine I created it as a high-school student in 1990 out of my childhood love for movie soundtracks. I LOVED film scores but in the pre-Internet era, there was almost no information about them. It started as a little photocopied newsletter and became a semi-professional magazine as well as a website with a popular message board. I closed the print mag in 2005—all the print issues are available in a free archive—but the online version still exists today. By the way, here I am with Elmer Bernstein in 1992!

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This is just a hobby, but as a kid on Martha's Vineyard, I was fascinated with the ferry boats (which included the last operating commercial steamship on the East coast, until 1988, the S.S. Naushon, an oil-guzzling ecological nightmare, but it was AWESOME). They were like the closest things in real life to Star Trek ships! So in recent years I've curated a Facebook page of photos and memories.

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