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Begging for Money!

There’s no dignified way to write a begging letter. And I should know, I’ve written a lot of them!

Here’s my best attempt from a Screen Archives Entertainment sales flier that just went out.

Basically, having pressed up my short film on Blu-ray (with the soundtrack CD), now we’re sitting on a ton of them, and I’d love to sell some, at a price so low it’s just barely covering costs:

Over 30 years ago, I started the tiny newsletter that became Film Score Monthly, the magazine, website and CD label. In 2018, seeking to become a filmmaker, I launched an Indiegogo campaign to make a sci-fi short film, Sky Fighter—and I was overwhelmed by the support from you, film music fans. Thanks to your donations, we made the film, and it reached over two million viewers via the DUST channel for sci-fi shorts. It has opened doors for me as a writer and director—and without you, none of that would have happened, thank you! To fulfill our campaign perks, we pressed 1,000 units of a special Sky Fighter Blu-ray/soundtrack CD as a “bonus album” (251st release) from the FSM label. And now, having sent out copies to donors, and sold a few others, we’d like to find homes for as many more as possible...if nothing else, so I can get my work out there! If you don’t feel like spending money, no problem! You can watch the short film for free at Youtube, and download the score by Bobby Villarreal on Dropbox. If you’d like to buy a physical copy, we’re lowering the price to $9.95, and would LOVE your support. Thank you! —Lukas Kendall



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