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CDs in Stock: Autographed

I’ve enjoyed doing a round-up of interesting CDs we’ve had in stock at Please see the last couple of weeks of my blog posts.

At some point I realized that because of the way I was looking at our inventory, I wasn’t seeing all the autographed titles. You can see those yourself here.

I personally don’t collect autographs and I was wondering why that is. I think what happened is that I was incredibly lucky at a very young age to cross paths with so many of my favorite composers. When I started FSM, I went to some of the Film Music Society conferences and got to meet David Raksin, Fred Steiner, Henry Mancini and others from that generation. If I had a favor to ask of one of these composers, it would be to be interviewed for our magazine—not to sign something for me, personally. And I think I didn’t want the anxiety of always thinking, “Did I remember to ask for an autograph? Is this a good time?” So I just never got into it.

But I appreciate that people collect them and we’re happy to carry a bunch of signed copies here. We still have a bunch by Christopher Young, Lee Holdridge, Richard Band and John Debney in particular.

Two items stuck out me: the FSM Whose Life Is It Anyway? signed by Arthur B. Rubinstein; and Varèse Sarabande’s 25th Anniversary album signed by, I’m not kidding, over a dozen composers and album producers—see pic, above.

So I would love to get these into good homes! Please note that some have personalized signatures, which I know are less desirable than the signature alone. The listings will, most of the time, note the exact language—and if you have any questions, ask me. Thanks!

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