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CDs in Stock Part 11

The V.I.P.s is a late-M-G-M score by Miklós Rózsa, to the “Liz and Dick” soap drama. We have the Chapter III Records release of the old album program (all that survives) for $12.

Valhalla by Ron Goodwin I’m not familiar with but the Plant Sounds CD seems like the kind of collectable somebody would want? $35.

Vamp by Jonathan Elias is one of those Varèse Sarabande limited titles that people seek out. We have one copy for $25.

Varèse Sarabande celebrated their 25th anniversary with two multi-disc collections culled from their vast catalog. We have a copy of the second volume, which is harder to find, for $35.

I thought I knew Maurice Jarre’s catalog pretty well but I didn’t even know Vendredi ou la Vie Sauvage (Robinson Crusoe and His Man Friday) existed! It’s a late 1980s Prometheus CD, $12.

Vergogna Schifosi is one of those indeliable, bonkers late 1960s Morricone cult scores. We have a sealed copy of the out-of-print Quartet edition for $45. By the way, here’s a live cover I saw on YouTube that I really liked:

We have a sealed copy of the 1990s CD issue of John Williams’ Violin Concerto and Flute Concerto from Varèse Sarabande, $25. I thought this would have sold already!

Okay, let’s sell some Alex North Viva Zapata! CDs please? We have three copies of the Varèse re-recording conducted by Goldsmith, and two of the Varèse OST (also including North’s score to The 13th Letter), each $8.

Bargain alert! La-La Land’s 4CD set of the TV Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea collection is now sold out. We still have three copies, sealed, at only $65 (La-La Land’s retail price was $59.95) and two used at $60. This is only going to get more and more expensive!

We have one copy of the Silva Screen re-recording (not the OST) of John Barry’s Walkabout, $15.

We have one copy of the out of print 2CD set of Paramount George Pal scores from Intrada: War of the Worlds, When Worlds Collide, The Naked Jungle and Conquest of Space. The first two were reissued by La-La Land, but the latter two are unique to this release. An in-demand sci-fi collectable, $85.

We have one copy of White Dawn by Mancini, from Intrada (gorgeous symphonic score to 1970s Phil Kaufman film), for $35.

White Dog was an FSM title from the Morricone Paramount score I was proud of. We still have copies at Screen Archives, but we have two used ones for $15 each.

Another Liz and Dick film, this one an absolute classic: One of my favorite Alex North scores is his sublime Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? We have three copies of the Varèse Sarabande re-recording conducted by Goldsmith; also one of the Warner Music France OST (mixed with dialogue). $5 apiece.

Whose Life Is It Anyway? is a terrific early 1980s symphonic dramatic score by Arthur B. Rubinstein we released at FSM. We have one copy for $12.

John Williams in Vienna is a concert album with solos by Anne-Sophie Mutter. $15.

We have one copy of the La-La Land 3CD set of Wonder Woman (TV) by Charles Fox and company, for only $25. To be honest, that’s the same sale price as on their website. Good 1970s TV scoring!

We have one copy of the FSM The Wrong Man CD, the Hitchcock/Herrmann score, for $12.

Yor: The Hunter From the Future is an oddball John Scott/De Angelis brothers combination that I always kinda liked. We have the ancient Label X digipak for only $5.

Finally, Zigzag by Oliver Nelson was something I combined with The Super Cops by Jerry Fielding—two 1970s crime scores with a TV vibe—because why the heck not? $18

That’s it! Tomorrow—a look at some of the autographed titles we still have. Thanks!

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