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CDs in Stock Part 7

On to the back half of the alphabet!

Nick of Time: This was sort of the last hurrah for Arthur B. Rubinstein, who made such a mark in the 1980s but as styles changed, fell out of favor in the 1990s. It’s an action-thriller-suspense score and we have one copy of the original Milan album for $2.

Nightflyers: Doug Timm was an up-and-coming composer (only 29) when he was tragically murdered during a home robbery. Yikes. Varèse Sarabande put out a CD of his sci-fi score to Nightflyers that sold out fast, but we have a copy for only $12.

Nightwatch/Killer by Night: This was one of those “keep the torch alive” projects that took us years to accomplish at FSM. It’s a super rare TV pilot score by then-Johnny Williams to a Robert Altman show. If you love Lost in Space, you’ll love this. Killer by Night is a Quincy Jones TV movie thriller score. We have two copies at $15 each.

Another early John Williams score is None But the Brave, a WWII feature from 1965. We were thrilled to discover it in pristine stereo. $15

We have two copies of the EMI reissue of Octopussy, circa 2003, that I guess is now totally irrelevant given the new La-La Land expanded edition. But if you want to complete your Bond collection, we have one at $12, and another with the spine notched at $10.

The Omega Man: We have one copy of the first edition we did of The Omega Man at $35. It went out of print and we reissued it with more cues and the proper overlays. I’m still frustrated at how long that took!

On Dangerous Ground: We have one copy of the FSM edition of this Herrmann classic, which we mastered from acetates. I’m so glad Intrada re-recorded it, but if you want the original under Herrmann’s baton, it’s hard to find now. $30

Once Is Not Enough: I love this soapy 1970s Mancini Paramount score! It’s complete and newly mixed from the 16-track masters courtesy Doug Fake at Intrada. Great tune! $45

We have two copies of The Orville, Season 1 from La-La Land Records, at $18 apiece. Seth MacFarlane went out of his way to have huge orchestral scores by Bruce Broughton, John Debney and Joel McNeely.

That’s it for today! Our inventory is rapidly selling out so I have less to write about as we get through the alphabet.

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