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Enterprise Deck Plans

Updated: Jan 17

I wrote over a year ago about how one of my childhood fascinations was blueprints for Star Trek ships.

This started with the Franz Joseph Enterprise blueprints (published in 1973, before I was born), which made the Enterprise seem like a real place.

But they were also frustrating because they seemed, well, wrong. Notably they put engineering with the impulse engines on the saucer, instead of in the star drive section—where, logically, the warp drive would feed the nacelles. I mean, duh!

I just discovered a careful reimagining of the Enterprise plans by designer Jim Botaitis to correct that and many other inaccuracies. Apparently these are a few years old—but I just found out, so it’s news to me!

It’s amazing work!

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1 Comment

Karim Elmahmoudi
Karim Elmahmoudi
Apr 03, 2023

I remember loving that book at Waldenbooks in the 1980's when I first encountered it! It helped make the TOS so real since the ship wasn't just a handful of sets but a real, living, large scale ship! I loved it!

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