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James Horner Rare 1982 Interview

Many thanks to my friend and colleague Neil Bulk for pointing out a rare 1982 radio interview with James Horner that was posted by the host, David Schwartz, from his show Cinema Showcase.

This was originally broadcast June 10, 1982, on KCSN radio, Northridge, California—right after Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan debuted in theaters, and before the soundtrack LP was even available in record stores.

Most of Horner’s comments are things that fans have read before about the project, but it’s fascinating to hear them in Horner’s voice.

Speaking of which...the most interesting thing is what is not here: Horner’s English accent! He pronounces “rather” a couple of different ways, but he sounds completely American.

Perhaps he adopted the English accent after he started to work in England? He mentions he is soon to go to the U.K. to interview for a project that must have been Krull. (To be fair, he did live in England for some of his school years.)

He also plays a cue from his lovely TV movie score, A Few Days in Weasel Creek.

Kirstie Alley makes an appearance (recorded separately), talking about her debut in Star Trek II.

What a great find!

Also on Schwartz’s channel, John Barry while he was working on King Kong:

And this 1977 interview with Jerry Goldsmith:

Many thanks to David Schwartz for preserving and sharing these priceless recordings!

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