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John Barry Autograph

I was going through the scans I made of the FSM “physical archives,” looking for something quick and fun to post. I used to have bankers boxes worth of documents, which I lugged around for years. (For a while, they were in the back storeroom at La-La Land Records—those guys are super nice.)

When our twins were about to be born in 2014 (that is an easy date to remember), I spent three weeks scanning everything, and tossing it. I was very meticulous, and I’m sure I have a scan of everything...even some stuff so trivial, it’s preposterous.

I figured as long as I had a good image of it, who really needed the original? I only saved a handful of unique, original items.

Except...I found the above scan, in a pdf I called “stuff on fridge from Rossmore,” Rossmore being the street in Hancock Park where I lived for some 13 years.

It’s a concert flier autographed by John Barry, to me personally...

And I think I threw it out!


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