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La-La Land Black Friday 2022

Congrats to my friends at La-La Land Records on announcing a very strong “Black Friday” batch of final 2022 releases.

It is harder than ever to run a boutique soundtrack CD label. As I understand it, just finding a plant still able to manufacture CDs is becoming outrageously difficult. Plus there are fewer collectors than ever, a dwindling pool of “A-list” titles to release (although that’s a good thing—it means we have almost all of them!), insanely long approval times from difficult licensees...well, that’s why I got out of it ten years ago!

But I’ve stayed in touch with M.V. Gerhard and Matt Verboys at La-La Land, they’ve always been good pals and good partners. I haven’t spoken to them in a while so I was waiting like everybody else to learn what these “final five” would be—and they are very strong.

A Williams–Spielberg title (Amistad), a Goldsmith–Dante title (The ’Burbs), a James Bond expansion (Tomorrow Never Dies), an Elfman–superhero release (Spider–Man)—and, oh yeah, a long-overdo definitive release for one of the all-time great movie masterpieces (The Godfather).

Any one of those would be hard to pull off, so to get all five ready for this big day is really impressive.

I am not able to embed their announcement video, but you can watch it here.

The titles go on sale on Tuesday, November 29th, at noon Pacific time. Enjoy, everybody!

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