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Morricone Doc

Hey, the Morricone doc sounds great! It is dated 2021 but is only now in a few select theaters in the U.S.

My one encounter with Morricone is not very interesting. He was giving a lecture at the Pacific Design Center. We were all so excited to hear him, but what I dimly remember is that he spoke in Italian (translated by his interpreter as he went) and kind of came off as a sour music scholar with a chip on his shoulder. It was rather ideological about what’s pure music or not. My memory fails me.

I also remember congregating around him—all the interactions went through his interpreter—and thinking it was not worth it to try to be the twenty-eighth fan to shake his hand.

My dad once asked me if I would call any film composers a genius. He said, by his way of thinking, Bob Dylan was a genius—was there anybody like that? I said, “Morricone.”

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