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New CDs Are Live

Updated: Apr 9


We have added a new lot of 890 CDs to 840 soundtrack CDs and then some odds and ends.

I know most people like to browse a list of just the new stuff: you can do that using this spreadsheet, and make notes as to what you want to buy over at the store.

Another announcement: this will be the last week of carrying Tim Knapp’s DVD collection. Why? Good news! We have a HUGE CD collection coming in (it will take several weeks to process). And we need to clear the space.

So please browse the spreadsheet of available DVDs. Most are only $1 and we want to get them into good homes. Come next week, I’ll probably donate them to a video store or to Goodwill.

Thank you for buying from us, I’m enjoying the experience and we’re working to give you great prices and great service!

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I have a question. Is the Speed score by Mark Mancina the actual score? Or is it the mix of songs by other artists?

Replying to

Sold!! I cannot wait to get this! It will go well with my remastered Twister score!

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