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New Listings at FSMCDs 4/29/24

Okay, here we go! We have 1,200 new (as in used) film music CDs added to There are also another 200 classical CDs.

Here is a spreadsheet of the titles, with the new listings up top, for those who want to browse and make notes this way, then then purchase at the store.

Over at the store, I realized that if I put “42924” in the condition field, it might help people select the new stuff directly.

Are you getting an error message when you try to visit the site? It’s from a few security companies falsely flagging our site as potentially harmful—a mistake! We have cleared all the errors but your Internet Service Provider (ISP) may still block the site. Please ask your ISP to whitelist us and check Virustotal for proof.

Unfortunately the “whitelist” request must come from you, not us, because you are their customer! So sorry, it’s been maddening!

Okay, happy shopping, and THANK YOU for buying from us!

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