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Random Friedhofer Pic

I was wondering what to post today. This blog is not thought-out at all.

By chance, a longtime reader wrote a few moments ago to ask if I have a better-quality version of the photo of Hugo Friedhofer, Lionel Newman and Edward Powell picture from the booklet to the Between Heaven and Hell/Soldier of Fortune CD.

As it happens, I do! Here it is, above.

All this is because our art director, Joe Sikoryak, made a comprehensive archive for posterity of all our work together. Thanks Joe!

And I also spent some time gathering all of the FSM work files onto a single 8TB backup drive that I keep handy.

This is a great CD, by the way! Listen to this gorgeous, bittersweet love theme:

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1 Comment

Jan 26, 2022

BETWEEN HEAVEN AND HELL/SOLDIER OF FORTUNE was a great release. Thanks again for giving us some great Friedhofer over the years.

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