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Random Monday Stuff

Today we are finalizing our inventory of Tim Knapp’s DVDs to get them added to Hopefully it’ll be up later today, or certainly by tomorrow.

In the meantime, here are some articles and videos I’ve been meaning to tell you about in my blog, but I keep getting sidetracked by store stuff!

I appreciate how much work it is to make a channel full of videos like this—good work, Tom!

I wrote a couple of weeks ago about a minor plagiarism scandal (or allegation) having to do with the script to The Holdovers. I forgot to mention this interesting article in The Hollywood Reporter about the mysterious origins of “Over the Rainbow.” If anybody has a link to the 19th century source piece, please post in the comments?

Finally, I generally consider myself a John Barry completist—and I love it all! Well, until I heard this Pat Boone rendition of “A Man Alone” from The Ipcress File. Ouch!

See you tomorrow!

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Funny how the theme to both The Ipcress File and the UK tv series CALLAN(starring Edward Woodward)have similar titles(A Man Alone-Ipcress & This Man Alone-Callan). Also, Woodward recorded a version of "This Man Alone". much better than Pat Boone's "A Man Alone"...

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That's a lot of vibrato!


A clarification: it's not strictly a channel about film music; in fact, John Williams Week was my first significant foray into that genre. It's mostly about the various genres of popular music (pop, rock, jazz, R&B, etc). But a huge thanks to anyone who checks it out!

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Fixed, sorry!

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