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Redecorating the Place

I am facing the challenge of organizing my CD collection to offer most of it for sale. There are still some things I want to keep, like that big stack of Goldsmith CDs in middle-left of the above image. Gotta keep Jerry’s bottlecaps!

Two pieces of good news: One, I think I have a system to get it all organized. It’s not just getting everything listed, but keeping track of where everything is for when somebody wants to buy something.

The other is that I’m making peace with the idea that this is really happening. I don’t think I would ever do it if there wasn’t an easy way to rip everything to iTunes. It creates a strange situation where you can sell something and still own it (the audio, anyway).

As a label, this was really, really bad, and probably the main reason why the CD business is fading away.

But as a consumer, it’s just the reality, and I’ll take advantage of it like anybody else.

Also, I’m excited about the possibility of finding good homes for all of these collectibles, some of which are quite valuable. For family reasons (kids) I’ve just had them in boxes for almost nine years. If people need these to fill out their collection, and it makes them happy, that would be fantastic.

Please stay tuned as I get it all organized and post the list and purchasing instructions. I’m not sure when exactly that will happen, but I would think sometime this month. Thanks!

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