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Silo vs. Westworld

I don’t subscribe to AppleTV—we spend enough money on these services already!

But they make some episodes available for free, so I checked out the opening of Silo, a big, post apocalyptic “worldbuilding” show with a premium cast.

I watched the opening credit sequence and thought...this seems familiar.

Silo (Atli Örvarsson):

Westworld (Ramin Djawadi):

Did they copy the temp score? I don’t want to speculate.

The point is that any show this size has multiple layers of what you would call mid-level executives, on behalf of both the production and and the streamer.

Some shows (and films) are the products of a singular vision. James Cameron or Christopher Nolan films come to mind.

But others are more like corporate products. The corporation buys the I.P., hires the filmmaker, and essentially entrusts their employees to “make it a hit.”

When it’s the corporation as the author, it’s kind of like a zombie production. They have a ton of money, and they pay for the best people, but when it comes down to the fundamental question, “What should we make it look and sound like?”—the answer is, “The last thing that was a hit.”

I take this all back if anybody involved with this show, or Apple, wants to hire me one day.

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